Jason Cook was born in Hackney, London.
He moved to Borehamwood where he grew up with his family.
He is a writer, film developer/producer and owns the film company; "The Way Forward Productions Ltd."

Unfortunately Jason had behavioral problems at an early age and should have been diagnosed with ADHD but eventually Jason achieved notoriety as an accomplished author.
Jason is also dyslexic but worked hard to achieve GCSE's and overcome his difficulties; he has now gone on to write several books.

The children’s book "Rat's in Space" is Jason's first publication written for children.
“Rats in Space” came about with a trip to London with his two young boys; at Kings Cross train station they noticed a rat and mouse walking along the train
tracks and as they watched; Jason asked the boys what they thought the little creatures might be doing.
After contemplating the ideas that they had come up with; Jason decided to write a story about what they had seen and talked about.
Jason found out about a real life rat named Hector and the attempt to get it into space.
He decided to use the ideas and thoughts they had all talked about that day in London and based his story around the real life events of Hector the Rat.